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5 Tibetan Rites at lunch time, Wednesdays

We will be hosting 5 Tibetan Rites at lunch time each Wednesday from 2 – 2:30pm.

These exercises are easy to do and leave a person feeling rejuvenated, as they work on the 7 Chakras to get the chakras moving in balance and at the correct speed. A perfect antidote to stress.

The rites are comprised of five different movements, which each movement performed up to 21 times (Tibetans believe 21 is a perfect, mystical number). It is best to start with 3 repetitions of each exercise and gradually increase the repetitions). The entire routine can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

For thousands of years, medical practitioners have maintained that the body has seven principal centers which corresponf to the seven endocrine glands, also known as chakras. Chakras are essentially energies within spinning vortexes. As a vortex is increased, the life force becomes stronger and more directed.

Recent medical research has uncovered convincing evidence that the aging process is hormone-regulated. The five ancient Tibetan rites are said to normalise hormonal imbalances in the body, thereby holding the key to lasting youth, health and vitality. The rites stimulate the energy  system in the body, wake up the chakras, and get energy movingg from your core outward to your extremities. The theory behind the rites is that your Kundalini (spiritual energy) is stored and lies at the base of your spine and that these rites access that energy in a very efficient, fast, and user-friendly way.

An important part of the Tibetan exercises is a conscious synchronisation of breathing while performing physical activity. before beginning the exercises, practice the basic 4 stage breathing technique

  • Inhale
  • Hold Filled lungs
  • Exhale
  • Hold Empty lungs

No exercise should be so intense that it makes you feel exhausted. For example, if you are ‘losing your breath’, in indicated that your body is in an anerobic (low oxygen) condition and that you should slow down. If you can not talk normally after performing an exercise, you should slow down. When performing the exercises, the main emphasis should be on breath synchronisation and fluency, rather than on speed and number of repetitions.

A slow vortex causes that part of the body to deteriorate, while a faster one causes nervousness, anxiety, and exhaustion. Abnormal vortices produce abnormal health, deterioration, and old age. The rites normalise the speed of the spinning vortices by keeping them spinning at the same rate and working in harmony.

These can be helpful in stretching muscles and joints and improving muscle tone (and as such, some people call these isometric rites)

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Dancing The Rainbow Class Outline

A holistic creative dance class using colour, sound and movement to explore the 7 chakras of the human body.
What Happens
We explore gentle, yoga based, organic movement, mindfullness and creativity that arises naturally from within.
In a safe space, with like-minded people you can let go, relax, move, play and create.
Explore subtle energies, the chakras, colour therapy and sound awareness.
Discover more about who you are through body awareness, therapeutic colour, music and movement.

More confidence, physical flexibility & vitality.
Lowered anxiety levels and circular thinking.
Increased self-worth, knowledge, confidence, creativity and spontaneity.
Supportive network of creative holistic people.

Check for workshop schedules.

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